We Are Stars, in English

32 min

Hollywood superstar Andy Serkis narrates one of the best immersive animation shows. This 360° cross-platform experience will seek to answer some of the biggest questions of all time. What are we made of? Where did it all come from? The film explores the secrets of our cosmic chemistry, our explosive origins and connects life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe.

NSC Creative applies its trademark approach of taking complex scientific concepts and making them accessible to all ages by using stylised and fun visualisations. We join the Time Master narrated by Hollywood superstar Andy Serkis and his audience of Victorian time traveling “2.0” characters on a 13.8 billion year adventure through time and space.

The film was informed by a team of leading UK scientific researchers and features super computer simulation data of the formation of the early Universe contributed from the Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University.

The soundtrack features an original immersive score by acclaimed New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan. You are welcomed into a magical victorian wonderland and then whisked off to the edge of the universe and back via the heart of an epic exploding star. The eclectic soundtrack is available to stream and download for free at the film website.

Film is shown in English.

It is also available in French, German, Spanish, Nederlands, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages.

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