Dreams, an Immersive Experience

30 min

Since ancient times people believe the material world consists of five essential elements – fire, air, water, earth and space. Come for a journey beyond the edge of the universe to discover the origins of five elements. Let the mythical hugewhale guide your transformation from giant to infinitely small.

The Dreams show gives unforgettable experience of fantastic visual trip through time, space, energy channels and to the realms of fundamental original elements. The show creates strong and powerful relaxing meditative effect, immersing audience into the depths of inner space and taking them far away to the Universe. Allowing to find the answers to the ultimate lifetime questions – who am I..? where do I come from…? is the world real.., or it’s just a dream..?

The show is targeted for everyone who want to have an unforgettable experience, even people who are not familiar with esoterics, will find the priceless treasures rested deep inside of their inner cosmos.

The Dreams immersive visual show is specifically designed as a stand alone complete art dome show. Or can be part of immersive digital performance like concert, meditation or yoga session etc.

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