Malevich and more

20 min

The triptych of visual art presents three short films:
– an award winning Suprematism short film by Sergey Prokofyev, that presents Kazimir Malevich “The Last Futuristic” exhibition
– a short-film DREAMS by Ari Dykier that seems to be an oneiric, dreamy experience. Created in the technique of collage attempts to connect the viewer with subconsciousness.
-Inner Island by Sergey Prokofyev. An experience inside the architectural space that is constantly changing with movement, accompanied by a complex musical rhythm, surrounded by illusions, the viewer becomes a part of the virtual environment. Composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk.
Total duration 20 minutes

With extensive experience in both architecture and film-making, Sergey Prokofyev explores unique approaches to immersive storytelling.
Ari Dykier is a visual artist based in Poland. He frequently takes a part in various festivals and events all over the world.

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